Critical Code

Code Assignment

We should now have a good sense of how to add primitive shapes and colors to the screen, as well as an understanding of the canvas grid and how to place object appropriately on the canvas. We should also have a sense of the landscape of creative coding, and how to engage critically with intersection of code and creative design

Project Presentation

Class presentations and critique. Please come prepared to present. Your projects should be functional and attached to a unique URL. The code for the project should be loaded into your text editor. Please prepare a short statement about your piece to present to the class.

Your project should be in working order! There will be no debugging during critique time. I will hold an extra office hours the day before each critique to ensure that projects are working properly.

Things to consider for your first critique:

  1. What inspired you to make this piece
  2. What artworks is this piece in conversation with
  3. What interactions have you developed for this piece and why?
  4. What issues were your presented with when building this piece