Critical Code


Setup: 8am - 4:30pm

Opening: April 25th 6-9pm

Where: Room A288 Smith Warehouse Bay 12

Assignment 1: Portfolio

Create a Porfolio: We should now have a handful of pieces that we’d like to share with the world. Create a portfolio of your work with either 1)html/css/javascript 2)wordpress/wix or 3)jekyll blog. Either include the sketches directly into the portfolio or link back to the github repositories for each sketch.

Assignment 2: Blog Post

Part 1 Share Your Work: Sharing and promoting your work is an extremely portant and often overlooked aspect of the creative process. You cant make your work in a bubble! The work that you’ve made throught this semester and deserves to be shared with the world. As such, you MUST share you work on either 1) a social media outlet 2) an email with more than ~10 friends (not including your Mom) or 3) open processing ( Take a screen shot or document proof that you shared it in some other way, and post it as part of the blog post assignment below

Part 2 Reflection: Throughout this class, we have worked are way through the P5js library. We’ve created ‘Hello World’ sketches, we learned about and created algorithmic designs, developed interactive data visualizations, and dove into human-computer interaction, osc messages, and websockets. We also learned about software development tool like GitHub. Reflect on the class and your progression as both a designer and software developer.