Critical Code

Name: Matthew Kenney

Date: April 20th, 2018

Project: Title

Conceptual Description

Replace with a description of the critical / conceptual dimensions of your project. What is your project about? What issues/topics are you engaging with. What should the user take away from your piece?

Interaction Description

Replace with a description of the interactive dimensions of your project. How do you expect users to interact with your piece. How is your piece to be set up in physical space? Who is the intended audience? How does your piece inform the user through interaction or amplifies those your project’s main concepts and ideas?


How did you extend a piece that you’ve created throughout the semester? What elements did you add or subtract from the previous piece? How do these extensions/subtractions further develop the conceptual and interactive elements of your work?

Drawing or Sketch of Extended Piece

Technical Details

Here you should give an overview of the technical aspects of your project:

You can include code snippets here:

functions setup(){


function draw(){


Link to your project’s full code in this repository: